The Black Car Project!

July 3, 2007

Paint it black.

At the end of July and beginning of August we will paint the sculpture black. We waited so that the stucco could cure for 6 weeks. Even though it was only grey at graduation and super Saturday we got a lot of feedback in our comment book that we left there. We also had over 200 flyers taken, they were out everytime I stopped by!

The comments ranged the gambit from people who were really excited and moved by the piece to some who were angered by the sculpture. Over fifty people commented, though most people didn't sign their name. In general it was very supportive. We did get a few criticisms worth noting and responding to.

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JD said...

Can you provide statistics on how vehicles have killed tens of thousands of people each year? Heart disease ranks #1 with 600,000+, next is cancer, then stroke, then respiratory disease, then accidents/unintentional injuries. I am not belittling anyone's beliefs or ways of life, but I think that when you have to walk everywhere you go, you'll be wishing for a throttle pedal instead of the worn out Dr. Scholls.