The Black Car Project!

September 2, 2007


Black Car Project

Global warming is real and caused by humans. This is the message that the scientific community has gotten behind and called “very likely” a scientific term for greater than 90% odds. But what does this mean? If you look into climate models that offer the most hopeful change estimates for the future you find grim results.

What the scientist aren’t portraying very well with their careful vocabulary are human terms that resonate with people. The death of the coral reefs, 20-30% of the species of this planet going extinct, billions of people without water, are consequences that are unthinkable and yet leave people unaffected when merely read. These facts must be reinterpreted by artists and spiritual leaders and portrayed to people with the necessary depth.

The black car project is a personal moral reaction to climate change. The Isuzu Rodeo now encased in cement was given up with the promise of not owning a vehicle again until they are sustainable, if that ever happens.


Helena said...

Bruce, Beda, Blas -- it's actually Rob writing, out of our joint identity on Google. The Void looks terrific! All your fussing over the fine curves has really paid off. I can't wait to see the thing itself on Friday.

-- Rob

T. Scott Brineman said...

Autovoid Guys; My daughter, who is a student at Evergreen, saw your display at Super Saturday. She brought me your handout and I'm intrigued by the statement I think you're trying to make. I'd be interested in helping you promote this and deciding what to do with your artwork. Please contact me.


T. Scott Brineman said...

I put a link to your site on my blog.

I also suggest that you get an account at sitemeter to track the readers of your blog.

My blog is read on every continent in at least 8 different languages daily.

Thanks for what you're doing.......PEACE...........Scott

Anonymous said...

This is excellent - I've added it to the online Art Not Oil 2007 gallery at

Good luck,

Mark in London

Anonymous said...

Make sure that you use an OIL BASE paint, because latex will wash off in a couple of years, due to the ACID RAIN, into the bays and kill all of the fish that are feeding. But don't worry they are getting more and more water everyday because of the polar ice caps melting.