The Black Car Project!

September 4, 2007

Make your own art from a car!

The Black Car Project isn't complete. We are now looking for individuals who are willing to make their own climate change statement. We want one person from every school in the country to create their very own decommissioned "art car". The idea is instead of a functional art car we want a non-functional car that is a statement on global warming to pop up in parking lots across the country. The car can be stuccoed and painted black, it could also be turned into a garden or be the bottom of a wind turbine. The only request we make is that it is created in the spirit of the original piece, that the car is someone's personal vehicle, and that it is given up with the pledge of not owning another vehicle until they are sustainable: if that ever happens. We also would like you to promote the piece actively and encourage others to create there own! That is the only way we can reach others with this personal and important message. Plus the combined work will add to the value of the individual piece and build momentum to change our direction as a culture.


carfree chicago said...

Thought you might enjoy another example of a car being put to better use as a paint canvas:

Though I think this was more of an advertisement for Volvo than a statement about driving. :/

Anonymous said...

Dear persons who did this at Evergreen,
You should see the car now! Some kids from the sustainability house painted it and planted a fern garden on the top!

Anonymous said...

"...ending the use of your automobile pledging to never own one again until they are sustainable: IF THAT EVER HAPPENS!"

I hope you get comfortable with the idea of never owning one again. Used as the default method of transportation, automobiles consume far too much land. Because of the way they shape human habitats, society ends up expending a lot of talent in the maniacal pursuits of covering large distances quickly.

Anonymous said...

On my way to work every morning at 6am I see a mom and her young son walking to the bus stop (rain or shine). I am pretty sure that this mother isn't riding the bus because she is trying to save the earth. The SUV that YOU own could have gone to a family that really needed the transportation.

I don't disagree with the statement you are trying making, but you could have donated your working automobile and purchased a non-working SUV to slap cement all over. Now you want others to do the same thing? Spend some time with a hardworking family who don't have the luxury of taking a perfectly good working car and making it into a so called piece of art. You may change your mind

Greener Alumni Class of 2004 said...

I commend your efforts to make a statement against global warming, but did you guys ever consider the fact that cement production also releases substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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marthyj said...

Is there anything new happened to this "car"? Did the ferns creep all over the car?

Donelle said...

Good for people to know.