The Black Car Project!

January 18, 2008

Article in the Cooper Point Journal

Global warming is the elephant in the room that Americans for years have tried their best to avoid noticing. Despite the great skill we have at avoidance and distraction some problems just won’t go away. The science predicts a worldwide catastrophe of droughts, fires, erratic weather, extreme temperatures and strengthening storms. Most of us can recognize the chaotic weather patterns because we’ve seen it in our own lives. Yet what do we do about it?
The 1993 Isuzu Rodeo now covered in stucco and painted black in the Evergreen parking lot reminds students that climate change is dead serious. The black car was the product of three students creating global warming activism art last spring. The owner gave up his vehicle and pledged to never own a car again until they are sustainable, if that ever happens.
Its interpretation has been mostly left to the viewer. Is it against the war for oil? Is it marking the death count of young people on our nation’s highways? Or does it describe the end of an era, an era of over consumption, status symbols and pseudo independence as typified by the SUV? Whatever the viewer decides that is what it means and more.
At the end of February the black car is supposed to be towed away because of the agreement with Evergreen’s Campus Land Use Committee. The Black Car Collective is currently seeking an extension of the deadline but they have to prove that the art is relevant for students, staff and faculty. Please leave a comment on the website in support of the artwork.
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