The Black Car Project!

January 22, 2008

Save the Art!

Wednesday at 3PM the CLUC is voting on whether the black car will have an extension on its life here on campus. After less than a year the project may be forced to move to a location of uncertain whereabouts or to the landfill if no place can be found. This may happen despite the fact that it was built well enough to last as social commentary for many years to come.
Please show up at the meeting and show your support. The meeting is on the first floor of the Lab building near the Longhouse. Also check out the Cooper Point Journal for an article on the car.

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Anonymous said...

I object to the notion that this project was built to last. Not only is it leaking fluids because it was improperly prepared, it's built on an expensive permeable parking space where the oil and other chemicals can seep directly into the groundwater. Very eco-friendly.