The Black Car Project!

January 24, 2008

Saved till 2009!

The Black Car is staying on campus until 2009 thanks to the support of the Evergreen State College community! We are planning a series of projects around promoting the concepts behind the art work. The idea that sustainability means giving up your personal gas guzzler should come as no surprise yet most people ignore this fact. The Black Car makes ignorance less possible and challenges our community to begin the process of moving away from this primitive, resource inefficient form of transportation. We are looking for DIY revolutionaries who want to change their way of life and effect the lives of others by giving up their personal car in a public manner and pledging to not own one again until they are sustainable; if that ever happens. It is our goal to support two more similar projects this spring. If you would like to be one of them please e-mail us or leave a comment!

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